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  • Amir Ganjavie

Sonejuhi Sinha And The American Dream

By: Amir Ganjavie

Stray Dolls, the debut feature of Sonejuhi Sinha, is a stylish successful thriller that draw fresh blood from some very conventional genre territory. A disquieting, wonderfully imagined essay on American dream, here the filmmaker examines the story of Riz, a young woman who arrives from India, and caught in a web of crime where each of her petty theft spirals into the next, setting off a domino of violent events. With an incendiary screenplay and dazzling performances, Stray Dolls takes pleasant swings to reimagine the crime genre for a new generation. I had the chance to sit with Sonejuhi Sinha and find out her writing process, the distinct aestheticism she used to detail this story and her working method with the actor set.

* Stray Dolls is now available on demand.



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