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Theo Francocci Won Best Directing In The Toronto Short Film Channel Festival

By: Nancy Naghavi

Toronto Short Film Channel is an online TV and a film festival which screens some of the best international Short films every day on their unique screening platform. The members of the jury are film scholars from Toronto.

Theo Francocci became the best director of the Toronto Short Film Channel with Wholeheartedly in the last edition of the festival.

The film has received multiple awards in various festivals such as the Venice Shorts, Montreal Short Film Awards and the Toronto Short Film Channel Festival.

Theo was born on November 8th, 1988, in Roma-Italy. He started his career working for Radio Podcasts and Independent Music Productions. He moved to London in 2010 to study Sound Engineering. In 2011 he started working in the Film and TV industry. His recent dramatic short film is called Wholeheartedly.

Wholeheartedly is an arthouse short film shot in LA. The film is an indie film which points out the difficulties of minorities and women in a modern society.

This film was born from the real-life experiences of Theo. The directing style of the film is very creative with handheld shots and movements that emphasize on the harsh realities of life with a very realistic cinematic language. Theo researched and studied the problems of women and created a film based on his own personal life experiences with minorities in LA.

The film shows the strength of women in harsh circumstance, while a woman tries to get over her alcoholism when she finds out she is pregnant. The film deals with relationships that could go wrong and how a woman tries to overcome an abusive relationship.

The film believes in the power of women and how they could overcome obstacles in life.

Carmen, the main character of the film is struggling to better her life for herself by finding independence in this great indie film shot by Theo. The film is about empowering woman and also the acting is very powerful.

Addictions and love are great cinematic theme in the film and Theo has created an important arthouse film dealing with women minorities.

Theo Francocci is a young director with a very bright future in cinema will continue his work as an independent filmmaker.



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