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The Winners Of Montreal Independent Film Festival Awards

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Montreal Independent Film Festival is an important emerging international film festival which has grown in popularity by filmmakers and distributors. Baraheni, the director of the festival has created a very unique and creative festival to support independent cinema and international short filmmakers.

The festival is both annual and monthly. The annual festival awards filmmakers with cash awards and screens their films at the Cinema du Parc of Montreal. The monthly festival selects, awards, promotes, and supports with screenings of short films in various platforms. The festival selects some of the best international independent short films as their official selections to compete in dramatic, documentary, experimental, horror, and animation sections. The festival has a very artistic approach towards the language of cinema, artists, and indie filmmaking.

The members of the jury are professionals working in the film industry from Hollywood, Toronto, Montreal, New York, and Paris. Glen Reynolds, Sona Moghadam, Hanna Griffiths, Amir Ganjavie, Thierry Malet, and Babak Salari accompanied Baraheni in the last edition of the festival which selected, nominated and awarded films from all over the world.

Here are the list of winners for the last edition : • The best international short film award for the last edition of the festival went to a female American filmmaker, Kandace Cornell, for her film called The Just. The film was also chosen for the best script.

• Yurii Onyshchenko from Ukraine took the best directing for Blud.

• Samantha Casella, the director of To a God Unknown, and Alexandera Bekiou, the director of The Wave Broke, shared the best experimental film from Italy and Germany.

• A young Israeli director called Ruchama Ehrenhalt was chosen for the best youth cinema award for her film called Give it Back. • The best actor went to a French actor called Joris Adu for his performance in the True Love of Hubert.

• The best actress went to Andrea Mendez for Wholeheartedly. • The best cinematography went to a Turkish film called Sycamore by Mehmet Tigli.

• The Family Gold from Italy was chosen as the best producer for Pathos, Emanuele Pisano and Maurizio Ravallese.

• The best edit went to Laurie Chock for Reparations from US. • The best animation went to Bellopropello for Shadowland from Switzerland.

• The best horror went to the Tenant by Edwin Escobar. The festival intends to continue selecting, promoting and awarding some of the best Short Films from all over the world.



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