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Interview About Bright People

By: Darida Rose

Darida Rose, Phoenix Journal (PJ): How would you sum up and define bright people?

Yuri Sasamoto (YS): Someone who can say "I'm fine" in any situation.

(PJ): In your film, you list 26 characteristics of bright people. which do you think is the most important?

(YS): If I choose one, I can't see the wood for the trees.

However, I am attracted to the following one.

"12 It is important to create your true self."

It is extremely difficult for a very negative person to keep looking positive and showing a false self only in front of a camera.

I think the audience feels the inside of the actor.

On the other hand, if a ruthless actor plays a cruel role,we will not be able to see.

It doesn't work as a work.

It is necessary to brighten the inner side of the mind.

(PJ): Why do you think there are more negative roles for actors than positive ones?

(YS): Negative and extraordinary things are easy to attract people's attention.

However, whether or not it has content as a story is another matter.

Sometimes the creator chooses it when he is worried about not having an idea for the story.

When it is broadcast, it can be harmful to children.

There are also many creators who work to make a living.

They tend to make negative works with a high rate of viewers.

However, it is not easy to create a work that is bright and attracts people's attention.

Creators need to get some of the Bright People characters.

(PJ): You interview actors as well as musicians and dancers. Do you think the challenges of staying positive are the same for all these groups?

(YS): Yes, I do.

Viewers feel the inner side of the performer, even if they are not psychics.

Love for people is transmitted to the viewer.

(PJ): One interviewee mentions that there are more ‘tear-jerkers’ in Hollywood and more sad films in Japan. Could you say more about these differences?

(YS): Japanese works have less spiritual backbone than overseas.

In Japan, there is a form of religion called animism.It has no doctrine. So there are many horrors.

However, many of the overseas works have a background of Christian doctrine and history.

Poetic justice is clear in overseas works.

There are Buddhism and Shinto in Japan, but those movies are rare.

A dark and sad movie without a spiritual backbone leaves people's hearts something like crow's claw marks.

But a movie with a spiritual backbone has lessons and purifies his mind.

(PJ): Can someone who follows all the advice in your film play a negative role and still remain a bight person? Or should actors avoid negative roles?

(YS): It takes training for actors to stay cheerful.

They can play a bad role while having a lightsaber in their hearts.

I think that such acting reduces the toxicity to the viewer and can be seen as a work.

By training the mind, the actor does not have to be swayed by the role.

(PJ): What surprised you most in your interviews?

(YS): I was surprised that the aura wouldn't come out if I wasn't relaxed.

I learned the difference between aura and psychokinesis.

(PJ): There is a theme of UFOs and aliens in your work. Do you believe in aliens, and if so, what effect do they have on us?

(YS): It seems that there are as many as 2 trillion galaxies in this universe.

It is difficult to think that there is intelligent life only on the earth.

I think there are vicious aliens and peaceful aliens.

Malicious aliens may cooperate when we try to destroy the Earth with our own hands.

I think we must be able to judge right from wrong.

(PJ): One of your interviewees says that thinking about how to die is essential to being a bright person. Many people consider thoughts about death to be gloomy and dark. Could you speak more about this?

(YS): Bushido in Japan has such a way of thinking.

When humans are ready to die, they get courage.

What kind of life do you want to live and what kind of death do you want to have?

How do you want to reach the end of your life?

After you die, what kind of person do people say you were?

The answer to that question is the courage you need.

When you find the answer, you will have the courage to live like a hot-blooded fire, and a new life will open up.



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