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An interview with FRANCISCO A. GACUYA JR. of Constancia

By: Trevor Brooks

Constancia is a super short film by Francisco A. Gacuya Jr., where he describes the story about a lady who commute and walk to search a person in her dream. We caught up with the director with an interview on this film.

Trevor Brooks, Phoenix Journal (PJ): Could you explain how the woman met this man in the film?

Francisco A. Gacuya JR. (FG): Constancia didn’t meet a man however, she did met a person in her dream, both met in reality only once, she has a dream a horrible dream that she can’t explain, each night she goes to bed her dream is consecutive as if she was dreaming and wake up and sleep again and she dream again where she left off. One day, when both met in reality it is gruesome discovery.

(PJ): What emotions were you trying to get out of the viewers watching this film?

(FG): Surprise and scary or fear emotions.

(PJ): Do you intend to make a longer version to explain its backstory?

(FG): Yes, that’s my intension.

(PJ): How long have you been a filmmaker?

(FG): Since 2019.

(PJ): What genre would you consider this short film to be categorized under?

(FG): Mystery, horror, thriller, suspense.

(PJ): Can you explain the meaning behind the title of the film?

(FG): I can’t think of any title but Constancia, Constancia is a fit title because it is blend into my vision as my cinematography vision, I decide Constancia also because it is overall look on the location of the film was created, and Constancia’s title is read as mystery or sounds like a secret name or a person has name Constancia feels like scary name.

(PJ): Was this film the result of past experiences you or someone you know encountered?

(FG): Only in my vision.

(PJ): How long did it take for you to complete this project?

(FG): Two weeks

(PJ): Where can we see a screening of this film?

(FG): Once it’s complete, it will be showing in San Francisco, California.

(PJ): Do you have any future film projects you are working on? (FG): Currently, I have a few synopsis that I created 'US Navy the

untold stories'

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